Cosmetic Gum Procedures  - Everything You Need to Know

When teeth appear too long or too short, procedures can be completed to create a beautiful smile. Esthetic crown lengthening can expose more of your teeth when they appear short or square. Soft tissue grafting can cover exposed roots and greatly bring back a natural smile. Dr. Wiland can correct this.

Showing Too Much Gum When Smiling?

You do not have short teeth. You simply have the gums covering up your teeth that have always been there. Sometimes teeth do not come into the mouth completely. This results in the appearance of short teeth with a "gummy smile". In about an hour, it can be very comfortably fixed with a simple procedure called esthetic crown lengthening.

Showing Roots of Teeth Is Recession

Sometimes aggressive brushing or flossing can cause gums to pull away from the teeth. This can result in sensitive teeth and an unattractive appearance. It is fixed with gum or soft tissue grafting.

Gum Recession in Indianapolis, IN | Dr. Bruce B. Wiland

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