Bone Grafting with Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Grafting Bone for Greater Strength

Bone grafting is a procedure to increase the amount of bone that is available for implant placement. It can be done at different times during treatment.

Bone Grafting with a Tooth Extraction

When a tooth is removed, sometimes there is an inadequate amount of bone where the tooth use to be (the tooth socket). A socket bone graft can be done to correct this problem. A socket bone graft or socket preservation graft is a type of bone graft that is done in the extraction socket of a tooth. After a tooth is removed, the socket will not always maintain its shape, but can shrink and collapse. A socket graft provides more bone than what you would otherwise would have after the socket heals for about 4 months. It prevents the shrinking of bone as the area heals and maintains the height and width of bone in the area where the tooth use to be.

More information is available in the procedure brochure.

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