Dental Implants: Snap in Dentures

Snap-in Dentures that Stay in Place

Dental Implants with Denture

When dentures do not fit properly, sores and pain can result. One option is to have dentures that stay solidly in place by snapping into dental implants. Four dental implants in the upper arch and two to four dental implants in the lower arch are placed. The implants have an attachment on them that snaps into an attachment inside of the denture. This can eliminate the need to have plastic or acrylic across the roof of the mouth making for a more comfortable and stable denture. Since the dentures can be removed, cleaning around the implants is easy. Naturally, you are not without teeth during treatment. Bruce B. Wiland, DDS provides dental implant treatment with office locations in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Kokomo and Richmond, Indiana.

What is a locator abutment on a dental implant?

It is a button-like fitting called a locator abutment. It allows for a partial denture or a complete denture to be held in place very securely by snapping in place. People function very well with and can also remove the dentures to easy cleaning.

How long do
dental locators last?

After attention has been paid to the abutment surfaces and recesses within the locator abutment, evaluating and changing the retentive inserts is often a necessary step. Most patients will have retentive inserts changed out every 1 to 3 years.

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