Esthetic Crown Lengthening

When you smile, do you see more of your gums than your teeth? Do your teeth appear square? If so, you may have what’s often called a gummy smile. You can dramatically improve your smile in as little as an hour through a procedure called esthetic crown lengthening also known as a “gum lift”. Crown lengthening involves reshaping excess gum and bone tissue to reveal more of your natural teeth. Esthetic crown lengthening can be used for a single tooth or several teeth. The simple surgical procedure is performed in less than one hour which permanently corrects the esthetic problem. By uncovering your natural tooth, you uncover your natural beautiful smile. Informative brochures can be found in the procedure brochues section. Contact us today for an appointment .

Before esthetic crown lengthening at IndyPerio
After esthetic crown lengthening at IndyPerio

Before and After Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Additional before and after photographs may be seen in the photo gallery.

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