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Welcome to the Office of Bruce B. Wiland, DDS, MSD

Welcome to the Office of
Bruce B. Wiland, DDS, MSD

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Board Certified Specialist

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Indianapolis Periodontist With Over 30 Years of Experience

Dr. Wiland is a board certified specialist in periodontics and dental implant dentistry. He maintains the goal of providing extraordinary care and education with a gentle and friendly touch. Each person receives state-of-the-art treatments and procedures. Dr. Wiland and his dedicated staff are committed to keeping each person comfortable and relaxed while preserving the health, function and appearance of your teeth.

He has been placing dental implants since he founded IndyPerio in 1990. Other services include The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) which is a minimally invasive and incision and suture-free procedure. The "No cut, no sew" treatment for receding gums was invented by Dr. John Chao. He provides laser therapy for your gums with the LANAP (Laser Asssited New Attachment Procedure) to regenerate or regrow the tissues, gum and bone around your teeth.