Other Services for an Enjoyable Experience

Computerized Anesthesia

Have you ever had a computer give you anesthetic? The purpose of Dr. Wiland having this technology is only for your comfort. Computerized anesthetic delivery with The Wand® and makes you "numb" comfortably and painlessly.


Afraid of the dentist and would like sedation? Fear no more. Once you’ve experienced intravenous sedation dentistry by Dr. Wiland, you’ll never be afraid to return to the dentist again. Oral sedation is also available. Oral sedation involves taking a pill before the appointment to relax you. What type of conscious sedation you choose is up to you and Dr. Wiland and will depend on the treatment needed, your medical history and your level of anxiety.

Mouth Sores

Do You Have Mouth Sores? There are a wide varieity of different causes. Dr. Wiland and his knowledgeable staff diagnose and treat these conditions to improve your quality of life. More can learned by seeing the Common Oral Conditions of the website.

About Us

Bruce B. Wiland, DDS, MSD is board certified in the specialty of periodontics which includes the placement of dental implants. Other services include laser periodontal therapy, esthetic tissue contouring and nonsurgical treatment.

Sedation is always available to relieve apprehension.

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