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Computerized Local Anesthetic

Local Anesthetic for a Pain-Free Visit

Local anesthesia is a procedure in which medication is given that causes a reversible absence of pain sensation. It is commonly known as being "numb" at the dentist. Dr. Wiland uses many techniques to ensure this process is completed with minimal discomfort. If you are hard to numb, do not worry. Dr. Wiland has years of experience to ensure you will be comfortable during treatment.

How Is Local Anesthetic Given?

Powerful Topical Anesthetic

A powerful topical gel is placed in the mouth before the anesthetic is given. The numbing gel or topical anesthetic gel Dr. Wiland uses is stronger than other topical anesthetics dentists commonly use.

The WAND® or Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System®

Dr. Wiland uses a small computer-controlled device called The STA System ®, formerly called The Wand ®, to give the anesthetic. The purpose of the STA System is to provide more comfort than a traditional syringe and needle. The STA System ® is manufactured by Milestone Scientific, where you can learn more. At the tip of the STA System ®, there is a tiny needle that is used to deliver the anesthesia. Because the STA System ® looks so harmless, it is perfect for patients who are nervous about shots and needles. But the source of discomfort for most injections isn't the needle. It is the flow of the anesthetic into your tissue. The STA System ® uses a microprocessor to deliver the anesthetic at an optimal flow rate for a comfortable injection. The STA System ® can result in a more pleasant dental experience. The STA System ® is an excellent example of Dr. Wiland's efforts to bring you helpful dental technology and to help patients have a very pleasant, positive visit.

Single Tooth Anesthesia System

Buffered Anesthetic

Buffering a local anesthetic is when an ingredient such as sodium bicarbonate is added to the anesthetic to make the anesthetic solution less acidic and more comfortable. Part of the discomfort from a local anesthetic is from the acidic nature of the local anesthetic. It has been studied and proven that buffering the anesthetic results is less discomfort for you and allows the anesthetic to work faster. Dr. Wiland uses this technique to help you have an enjoyable experience.

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