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Acellular Dermal Matrix Gum Grafting

What Is Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)?

Acellular dermal matrix is a sterile human connective tissue matrix that contains no blood and no cells. All cells are removed leaving only a supporting matrix structure that is freeze-dried. There is no risk of rejection or potential for disease transmission. This tissue matrix has been in use in medicine and dentistry for over ten years, and there have been no cases of disease transmission in over 500,000 transplants. This matrix allows your body to heal through the ADM binding your own tissue tightly to the underlying bone. ADM is eventually replaced by your own tissue as it heals. Healing is by scar formation which is a dense collection of collagen that resists pulling away. The trade names of some of the ADM products include Allodermâ„¢ and Periodermâ„¢ which are freeze-dried donor tissue to cover the areas of recession.

What Are the Advantages of Acellular Dermal Matrix in Indianapolis, Indiana?

  • Unlimited supply since it is purchased from a company.
  • Several teeth may be treated at one session.
  • Only one surgical site is involved with the procedure.

How Long Is the Procedure?

Gum grafting with Acellular Dermal Matrix usually takes about 60 minutes but will vary depending on the number of teeth involved. Many people do not remember the procedure when sedation is safely used.

Will Treatment With Acellular Dermal Matrix Hurt?

There is usually slightly less pain with a purchased donor tissue or acellular dermal matrix since there is no need to obtain gum tissue from the palate or top of the mouth. During the procedure, you are numb, so there is no feeling. The recovery or healing time is usually the same or less than traditional treatment techniques.

How Is Acellular Dermal Matrix Gum Grafting Performed?

  1. The ADM graft material is prepared according to the manufacturer's directions. Each company has slightly different protocols for the preparation of the graft material. A sterile saline or antibiotic solution rehydrates the ADM graft material.
  2. After obtaining complete anesthesia of the area, a small opening is made to reflect it away from underlying structures. It is a minimally invasive process.
  3. The ADM is placed between the bone and the tissue.
  4. The ADM material is held in place with small sutures. It is essential not to have movement of the material while it heals.
  5. Some sutures may be removed after two weeks, but some may remain for two months. They are small and usually not noticed. The area mustn't be disturbed during healing as this will affect results.

Gum grafts are an excellent way to regenerate lost gum tissue and restore your healthy smile. More teeth can be treated in one session by using acellular dermal matrix as a donor gum grafting material. After healing, your gum tissue is bound down tightly to the underlying bone and to the teeth keeping it in place and prevening future root exposure. Exposed and sensitive roots can sometimes be covered, improving esthetics and reducing or eliminating sensitivity. Call Dr. Wiland today to make an appointment for soft tissue grafting without using your own tissue.