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Permanent Replacement of Teeth

Replacing All Teeth With Dental Implants

What Is The All-On-4® or Teeth-In-A-Day Procedure?

All-On-4®, Teeth-In-A-Day®, and TeethToday are similar procedures, but trademarked by different companies. The procedure involves removing your existing teeth and replacing them with permanent teeth that are screwed into dental implants. The replacement teeth is be aligned straight with the white bright smile that looks very natural. The replacement teeth do not come in and out by you, but can be removed by Dr. Wiland for maintenance or professional cleaning procedures. The procedure is completed in about a day after the planning and preparation phase. Sedation is always available and recovery is quick.

What Are The Advantages Of Replacing All Teeth With Dental Implants?

Teeth that are screwed in place feel and function like your natural teeth. The roof of the mouth is not covered with plastic or acrylic that can interfere with taste and speech. The full-arch replacement of teeth has a high success rate. Your confidence is restored by being able to bite into foods you may not have been able to eat in the past.

What Is The Process Of Replacing All Of Your Teeth With Dental Implants?

The All-On-4 procedure starts with a consultation with Dr. Wiland and with your restorative dentist. The restorative dentist is the person who makes the dentures. The dentures are first made by your restorative dentist and sent to Dr. Wiland. These dentures are temporary dentures. Dr. Wiland will numb your mouth completely and may use medication to relax you. The bad teeth are removed and the dentures that were made are converted to a bridge that is screwed into 4-6 implants. This is the step that is completed in about a day. There is only one surgery. You leave that day with beautiful teeth. There is a soft diet for about 3-6 months while the implants and bone heal. The bone and implant must bond or heal together for there to be a solid foundation. After the healing phase, a new set of teeth are made which are the permanent teeth.

What Is The Cost Of All-On-4 or Replacing All Teeth With Permanent Dental Implanted Teeth?

Dr. Wiland will tell you the fee for this service after reviewing your situation. Generally, the cost is about $15,000 to $25,000 per jaw or arch. However, it is a solution that will be utilized every day. An exact cost estimate is given to you before treatment is started.

Am I A Candidate For Replacing All Of My Teeth With Dental Implants?

Call Dr. Wiland today to schedule a consultation. He will review your unique situation and discuss the process. He will also answer questions you may have.