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Extraction Socket Bone Graft

Why Is Bone Grafting Done With Dental Implants?

Bone grafting with dental implants is needed to increase the height or width of bone. Dental implants must be surrounded by strong healthy bone to have the best result. When there is a lack of bone around the implant a bone graft will allow your body to make bone in an area that is deficient.

When Is a Bone Graft Needed After Tooth Extraction?

No, fortunately, after tooth removal, there is sometimes enough bone thickness around the socket to allow your body to make the amount of bone height and width needed without a bone graft. A bone graft is needed if there is not enough bone after tooth extraction. A bone graft is more likely to be needed in the front of the mouth than in the back areas.

Dr. Wiland will sometimes remove the tooth and place the dental implant at the same time. This technique is called immediate implant placement. The area may need a bone graft with immediate implant placement if a large gap exists between the implant and the surrounding bone.

How Is a Socket Preservation Bone Grafting Completed?

A small amount of bone may be present after Dr. Wiland removes a tooth. A socket preservation bone graft will create the most bone and improve results. The treatment steps for this technique include the following:

  1. The tooth is gently removed, followed by the placement of bone grafting material where the tooth used to be. The bone graft is usually not your bone but bought from a tissue bank. The tissue bank processes the human bone so it is safe to use. Bovine (cow) bone is mixed with the graft to improve results.
  2. The bone graft is covered with a barrier membrane. The barrier membrane holds the graft in place and prevents fast-growing soft tissue from entering the bone graft.
  3. The site will heal for about eight weeks. Dr. Wiland easily removes the barrier membrane with a slight pull. This is a very simple process.
  4. The site will continue to heal for about five to six months from when the tooth was removed. This healing period lets your body make bone and gives time for the bone to mature and become hard or dense.
  5. The implant is placed and allowed to heal. The amount of time for healing depends upon how tight the implant was at the time of placement.
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Can I Have a Bone Graft and Dental Implant the Same Day?

Yes, in many situations you can have a bone graft and the implant placed the same day. This is accomplished when an immediate implant is placed. An immediate implant is when a tooth is removed, and an implant is placed immediately after the extraction. Frequently, a bone graft will sometimes be needed, but not always. Immediate implant placement is not always possible, but frequently is possible.

How Long Do I Wait After a Bone Graft Before the Implant Is Placed?

The healing time line can range from 3-6 months. Large areas of grafting and people with slower healing may require longer healing times.

How Can I Improve the Healing of a Dental Implant and Bone Graft?

It is important not to smoke. If this cannot be accomplished, then reduce smoking to 10 cigarettes or less per day. If you have diabetes, then having diabetes well-controlled is essential. Scientific evidence also suggests that calcium and vitamin D supplements can assist in bone formation. You mustn't be low in vitamin D and calcium. Keeping the implant clean at all times is essential for success. These are some of the factors that influence how long of a healing period is necessary.

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