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Snap-on Dentures

What Are Dentures That Snap Onto Dental Implants?

Snap on Denture Implant Illustration

Snap-on dentures are held in your mouth by connecting to dental implants. They can be removed by you daily. The dental implant can have a special connection called a locator abutment that allows the denture to snap onto the dental implant. Dentures that snap onto dental implants have several different names which include these names:

  • Snap-in dentures
  • Snap-on dentures
  • Locator dentures
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Implant retained overdentures
  • Complete removable implant retained dentures
  • Removable implant retained overdentures

All of the above terms refer to the same basic denture. The denture is held firmly in place, increasing your confidence since the denture will not move while talking and eating. The denture can be removed for easy cleaning in a private area. Most importantly, the denture looks great restoring your youthful appearance.

Snap-on Denture

How Do Snap-in Dentures Work?

Locator and Retentive Ring

Between two and four implants are placed in each jaw. The implants are allowed to heal. During healing the implant fuses to the bone. An abutment is then screwed into the dental implant. You do not need to be numb this step has no pain. The abutment is a connector that is like a snap. The inside of the denture has a receiver called a retentive ring that allows the denture to snap onto the dental implant securely.

How to Remove Snap-in Dentures

Snap-in Denture Removal Tool

Firmly press downward on the back edge of the upper denture. Pull upward on the front edge of the lower denture. The denture should be firmly in place, but also able to be removed and cleaned. Some people find it helpful to use a denture removal tool. Zest corporation makes a Zest Chairside ® denture removal tool. This tool can be placed on the edge of the denture to assist in pulling the upper denture down or pushing the lower denture up.

What Is the Cost of Snap-in Dentures in Indiana?

The cost will vary depending upon the individual person and situation. Generally, it can range from 12,000.00 to 14,000.00 for either the upper or lower arch or jaw. Some offices will have one fee for each arch which will include extractions, sedation, implants and abutments. The fee for your condition will be clearly given to you at your examination appointment.

Do Snap-in Dentures Require Maintenance?

Implant retained removable overdentures will need the following maintenance:

  • The teeth with all dentures may need replaced every 8-10 years.
  • The locator abutments have wear on the metal as the denture slides over the abutments. Occasionally, the abutments become worn and need to be replaced.
  • Dental implants have an over 90% success rate. But sometimes the implants need to be replaced. The snap-in denture has strong advantage since it can be repaired. New implants can be placed and fitted to an existing denture unlike the screw retained hybrid denture.
  • The retentive rings inside of the denture connect to the abutments. These rings are designed to wear and will need replacement every few years. It is a very simple procedure. The removable overdenture system is designed to have easily replaced parts since the dentures will be used for many years.
  • Daily cleaning is essential to remove harmful bacteria.

What Is the Process or Treatment Steps for Snap-in Dentures?

If you have some teeth that need to be removed and replaced with an complete implant removable overdenture, then below is a general guide for how treatment may progress. If you have an existing denture and would like to have a new denture that is retained by implants, then after the examination appointment you would likely proceed to implant placement. The healing times are important to have long-term success. Bone grows and matures slowly but you will have teeth present while this is occurring.

  1. Examination appointment
  2. Every person is different and each person has an individualized plan made specifically for them. The amount of bone is evaluated by examination and with imaging such as radiographs or x-rays. Sometimes there is a need for a 3-dimensional image. If you have existing teeth that need removed, you do not have to be without teeth during treatment.

  3. Remove Back Teeth
  4. If your natural teeth are present, your back teeth are usually removed first. If possible, dental implants will be immediately placed. The sites will heal for about eight weeks.

  5. Immediate Denture
  6. The restorative dentist will have an immediate denture made which is sent to Dr. Wiland so you will always have teeth.

  7. Immediate Denture Delivered
  8. The front teeth are removed, and the immediate denture is immediately placed so you are not without teeth. You leave with new teeth. The area heals for about 6 months to allow the bone to naturally reshape or remodel.

  9. Implant Placement
  10. Implants are placed if they have not been placed immediately at the time the teeth were extracted. The implants heal for 3 months to allow the implants to fuse with the bone. This process is called osseointegration.

  11. Denture Conversion
  12. Locator abutments are placed on the implants and the denture is relined or refitted by the dental lab to snap onto the dental implant abutments.

  13. Maintenance Cleanings
  14. Regular cleanings and maintenance are required so your implants do not get a gum disease called peri-implantitis. Regular dental cleanings will keep you mouth healthy and comfortable.

    How Long Does It Take To Get a Snap-in Denture?

    If you currently have a traditional complete denture, then treatment time may be a little as 3-4 months. If you have some of your natural teeth need to be removed, then treatment time can range from 4-10 months. You are not without teeth during this time. The results will be a beautiful smile and teeth that are stable so you can enjoy eating your favorite foods again.

    Call today to schedule an appointment near you at a convenient location. Dr. Wiland has office locations in the Indianapolis, Kokomo and Richmond, Indiana. If you are looking for affordable snap-on dentures, there is no better time than now.