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Osseous Periodontal Flap Surgery

What Is Osseous Periodontal Flap Surgery?

Osseous periodontal flap surgery is a simple procedure to reduce the pockets between the teeth and gums. It is also called osseous surgery or osseous periodontal surgery. Dr. Wiland makes a small incision and gently moves the gum away from the tooth. The roots of the teeth are cleaned. The bone or osseous structures are smoothed and reshaped. The gum is placed back around the teeth just over the bone. Small sutures or stitches are placed to hold the gum in place. Sometimes a small bandage called a periodontal dressing is used for your comfort and to protect the area. The procedure takes about 45 to 60 minutes for each one-fourth of the mouth or quadrant. Dr. Wiland is a board certified Indianapolis periodontist with over 32 years of experience. Office locations include Indianapolis, Kokomo and Richmond, Indiana.

Before Surgery
Flap Reflected
After Surgery

What Is a Periodontal Pocket?

A periodontal pocket is a space or gap between the tooth and gum that forms because of gum disease. Bacteria collect and stick to the tooth and gum area. This collection of bacteria forms sticks to the tooth forming what is called a biofilm or bacterial plaque. The plaque of bacteria or biofilm will result in a painless gum infection, if not removed. This infection is called gingivitis is the bone has not been destroyed or periodontitis is there has bone destruction or bone loss around the area that supports and holds the tooth in the mouth. The bone melts away or resorbs but the gum will sometimes stay in its original position. This causes a gap or pocket between the tooth and gum. If left untreated, bacteria continue to collect and destroy more bone without you knowing it. If it is treated with periodontal flap surgery, the pockets are reduced so bacteria can be removed. Gums stay healthy and bone around the tooth is not destroyed, if the area is kept clean every day.

No Periodontal Pocket
Periodontal Pocketing
Tooth Without Bone

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